Parking Garage Lifts

Atlantic Lifts is proud to introduce the new parking garage lift. This advanced design in automobile storage is state of the art functionally with exceptional affordability. The parking garage lift provides a solution to parking or transferring of vehicles. With a capacity of 10,000 lbs/4550 kg vehicles can be driven on/off the lift individually at various levels or can be used as a vehicle auto park.

Engineers and manufactures of hydraulic cylinders and custom equipment, Atlantic Lifts Ltd. parking garage lift operates from six synchronized hydraulic cylinders, one screw pump, a five horsepower motor and controller complete with constant pressure push button controls, to lift and lower the platforms. This unique platform design and all structural steel framing are galvanized to prevent rusting. These platforms also allow for proper drainage of water and debris that could drip from vehicles. Safety features include rubber walking mats on both platforms. This four post design will allow all doors of vehicle to be open while on the parking garage lift.

This design has been a proven success where parking space is at a premium.